Goa State Lottery Updates: Goa Rajshree Horse Today’s Results 8 PM 28-9-2019

Goa is one of the states among 13 unique states where lottery games are practiced legally. Other states where lotteries are legal are Maharashtra, Mizoram, Nagaland, Kerala, Sikkim, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Punjab. Goa Rajshree is a weekly lottery event performed by the Goa Rajshree Department. Hundred thousands of peeps partake trying their luck to become a millionaire. The Supreme court has also stated that Government lotteries are legal only and also provided the authority to run the lottery with full support.

The Goa Rajshree Department will soon unfold the results of the Goa Rajshree Horse Lottery. As official time the Department starts publishing the results by 4:00 Pm but the complete results you can check are at 4:30 Pm sharp on this page. For all the partakers’ department brings out 6 bumper prizes along with a consolation prize and if you’re lucky enough then no one can stop you to win that prize. The winner has to print a copy of the lottery ticket serial number on the Goa Rajshree Lottery official portal under state Government.


I’m now proceeding the process of declaring results from our old rituals starting by last prize winner and wrap up to today’s millionaire.

The Sixth Prize worth ₹120

Title-holders ~

Here comes the Fifth Prize worth ₹250

Title-holders ~

Now we have the Fourth Prize worth ₹500

Title-holders ~

Here’s the Third Prize worth ₹2,000

Title-holders ~

Today’s Second Prize worth ₹7,000

Title-holders ~

The Consolation Prize worth ₹1,000

Title-holder ~

Finally, the First Prize worth ₹26.05 lacs

Today’s Millionaire~

Here are 7 Goa Rajshree Evening Weekly Lotteries with first prize values:

  1. “Goa Rajshree Pearl Lottery” – conducted every Monday, the first prize is ₹ 20.02 Lakhs.
  2. “Goa Rajshree Ruby Lottery” – conducted every Tuesday, the first prize is ₹ 20.03 Lakhs.
  3. “Goa Rajshree Silver Lottery” – conducted every Wednesday, the first prize is ₹ 20.04 Lakhs.
  4. “Goa Rajshree Neelam Lottery” – conducted every Thursday, the first prize is ₹ 20.05 Lakhs.
  5. “Goa Rajshree Gomad Lottery” – conducted every Friday, the first prize is ₹ 20.06 Lakhs.
  6. “Goa Rajshree Firoza Lottery” – conducted every Saturday, the first prize is ₹ 20 Lakhs.
  7. “Goa Rajshree Topaz Lottery” – conducted every Sunday, the first prize is ₹ 20.01 Lakhs.

After checking the results here you can also visit the official Goa Rajshree Lottery Gazette to cross-check the results for your satisfaction. There you’ll be required to fill a form to claim your prize. You cannot exceed more than 30 days otherwise you have to wash-off hands from the prize money. Till then ‘Keep visiting and keep playing!’

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Goa State Lottery Updates: Goa Rajshree Horse Today’s Results 8 PM 28-9-2019

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