Goa State Lottery Result 11.30 AM: Goa Rajshree Morning Lottery Result of 2.10.2019

Imagine you are living in a world in which become rich is easier, you can win money instead of earning it, and you are getting plenty of chances to become a moneyed in a single day and limitless chances to become wealthy in your life. What if we can tell you that the people of 13 states of our nation are living the same life as we mentioned above. It really sounds marvelous, just think citizens of Goa that other people satisfied just by reading it and you are getting a chance to live the same life with Goa State Lotteries. So we suggest you take the complete advantage of this Goa Rajshree Lottery and lead your life toward a prosperous way. People get these types of opportunities more often but you are getting it on a regular basis, so, buy your tickets and hope for the best.

Rajshree Morning Result Today At 11:30AM

Now, Let’s discuss today’s Goa Rajshree Morning Lottery Result of 2.10.2019 that will be unleashed at 11:30 AM, and the complete result will be published at 12 Pm. Goa Morning Lottery is also much famous in the state along with its siblings including Goa Rajshree Day, and Goa Rajshree Evening and all this three lucky draws well-known for making Goa Citizen rich by which they can throw and enjoy grand parties every night. It is not wrong Goa Lottery playing a pivotal role in making Goa the coolest place of the nation. Jokes apart, but it is a fact that Goa Rajshree Lottery is contributing a lot to a stable financial condition for the state.

Goa State Lottery also giving a stable source of income for all the middle-class and lower-class people. The attractive six prize categories gather the attention of the people of the state and also encourages them as it is known for providing only profit. Let’s back to the six prize categories that are as following

1st prize: Rs 20 Lakhs

Consolation Prize: Rs 1,000/-

Second Prize: Rs 8000/-

Third Prize: Rs 400/-

Fourth Prize: Rs 200/-

Fifth Prize: Rs 120/-

Goa Lottery Results 11.55 AM

We again remind all the candidates of the Goa Lottery to check Goa Rajshree Morning Lottery Result at 11:30 AM and for the complete result check at 12 PM. We advise you to keep your Goa lottery ticket safe so that you can claim quickly and easily your winning prize. Lottery ticket plays a prominent role in claiming the Lottery reward. Stay tuned with Feedtel for more information and the latest Goa Morning Lottery Result.

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Goa State Lottery Result 11.30 AM: Goa Rajshree Morning Lottery Result of 2.10.2019

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