Goa State Evening Lottery Result 8 PM: Goa Rajshree Lottery Result Today of 2.10.2019

Hello, all the people of Goa are you ready for the biggest jackpot of the most significant cash flow of the coolest state of Nation Goa. Feedtel is back again along with a pleasant surprise for all the winners in the form of Goa Rajshree Evening Weekly Result that is going to reveal at 8 PM on 2 October 2019. Citizens of the state overjoying this flourishing investment scheme that developed the lifestyle of the citizen. The main motive behind introducing the Goa Lottery in the state is to provide a constant source of income to the middle and poor class people of the state. Goa State Lottery board is one of the highest prize offering lottery department amongst those 13 states allowing lottery in its state. Goa Lottery encourages all the people of the state to participate in the lottery scheme as it also contributes to the state revenue of the state.

Rajshree Evening Lottery Today Result 8PM

All the people who are interested in the Goa Lottery and want to participate in Goa Rajshree Weekly Lottery, for this you just have to buy lottery tickets from any of your nearest that costs you only Rs 20 for a single ticket. But one ticket is not enough because Goa Rajshree Day Weekly Lottery is the biggest cash flow of the state and there is a tough competition because of zillion of people engaged in Goa Lottery on a daily basis.

Goa Evening Lottery Result 8PM

Now, have a look at the winning prize distribution of Goa State Lottery there is a total of six winning prize categories that can give a delightful evening of all the winners. Furthermore, Goa Rajshree Weekly Lottery is a legal exercise that performs by the Goa State Lottery department. Goa Rajshree Weekly Lottery comes under the Tax and revenue department of the state. Now, we are going to describe the prize categories of Goa Rajshree Evening Weekly Lottery are as follows

First Prize: Rs 20 Lakhs

Consolation Prize: Rs 1,000/-

Second Prize: Rs 8,000/-

Third Prize: Rs 400/-

Fourth Prize: Rs 200/-

Fifth Prize: Rs 110/-

We remind all the aspirants of Goa Lottery you can check the complete Goa Rajshree Evening Weekly Lottery Result at 8 PM of 2 October 2019, If the complete result will not emerge please wait and check the complete result after a while as the complete result will be declared around 8:30 PM.

Rajshree Lottery Sambad Evening Result Today 2.10.2019

Like all other states, Goa also following a traditional type of lottery in which several thousand tickets impose for sale and few numbers selected by the lottery department known as winning number by merging all those winning numbers winning list prepare by the lottery board and publicized it by various types of communication mode, Later all the people who involved in Lottery and match their ticket number with the results and all those who find their number in lottery are the winners of the lottery. Follow Feedtel for more information and the latest detail of Goa Rajshree Evening Lottery Result.

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Goa State Evening Lottery Result 8 PM: Goa Rajshree Lottery Result Today of 2.10.2019

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