Goa Rajshree Kaveri Weekly Lottery Result 4 PM 8th Oct 2019 Check First Prize Worth

Hi Aspirants! So, You must all be aware of why we’re here today? Right, for the Goa Rajshree Kaveri Lottery Results. Well! I’m going to tell you all about the recent updates of the Goa Rajshree Kaveri in this lottery session. I’ll be starting with the title, ‘Rajshree.’ What does this mean? Where it has come from? Basically, Rajshree is composed of two words in it- ‘Raj’ and ‘Shree’. Raj means to rule and Shree means money or Lakshmi. Henceforth, Rajshree means getting plenty of money unexpectedly via this medium of Lottery and ruling over this world.

Goa Rajshree is providing you with a way that can lead you to be a millionaire in no time and without any extra efforts or anything like that. What you are required to do? So, it’s nothing, just go and buy yourselves a Goa Rajshree lottery ticket from any of the authorized lottery store. The price of a single Goa Rajshree lottery ticket is just ₹5. Sometimes it may vary between ₹5-₹10 depending upon the series. There’s one more thing, the more you’ll be owning the lottery tickets, the higher the chances to win that millionaire prize.

Let’s have a discussion over the prize dissemination now. Today’s Goa Rajshree Kaveri first prize winner will be achieving the bonanza prize money worth ₹26.07 Lakhs. The second prize winner will come by the prize value worth ₹8,000. Coming to the third prize worth ₹400. Also, there’s a consolation prize of ₹1,000 for some of the exclusive winners. Here’s the categorization of all the prize winners of today’s Goa Rajshree Kaveri lottery session.

First Prize: ₹26.07 Lakhs

Second Prize: ₹8,000/-

Third Prize: ₹400/-

Fourth Prize: ₹200/-

Fifth Prize: ₹110/-

Today’s Consolation Prize: ₹1,000/-

If there’s any sort of confusion or any doubt regarding how to claim the prize money or be it any. Without giving it a second thought, what you need to do is just visit the Goa lottery official website NICGOA. There, you’ll get the solution to all your queries. And, for the rest of the details and result updations, we’re here for you to serve you the best among all. You either bookmark our web page. Stay tuned with us to know more of Goa Rajshree Weekly Lottery Updates.

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Goa Rajshree Kaveri Weekly Lottery Result 4 PM 8th Oct 2019 Check First Prize Worth

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