Goa Lottery Result: Rajshree Oyster 8 PM Sambad Numbers Arrived 29th September 2019

The results of Goa Rajshree Weekly Lottery will be declared soon today i.e. 29th September 2K19. Lottery Department will start declaring results of Goa Rajshree Oyster by 8:00 PM whereas the participants have to wait till 8:30 PM for complete results on this page. Rajshree Department draws lotteries thrice in a day, First Lotto session takes place at 11:55 AM, the second Lotto session starts by 4:00 PM while the third session took place @8:00 PM.


The Supreme court has to impose a ban on lotteries due to gambling addiction was increasing in one’s life which starts affecting the financial conditions. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court grants authority to 13 distinctive states to host legal lotteries.


Single lottery tickets cost you ₹30-₹40 only. Anyone in the state can buy Goa Rajshree lottery to try their luck. The Department brings out 6 bumper prizes along with a consolation prize worth ₹1,000 only. The first prize will be awarded a cheque/RTGS of ₹20.01 lacs but the amount will be transferred to his account after income tax deduction. The Lottery also helps the Government to collect revenue and utilize that revenue to provide better infrastructure and facilities in the Goa.

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Goa Rajshree Lottery Results

Let’s have a look at the prize worth along with their ranks. I’ll start uncovering the results right from the sixth one.

The Sixth Prize worth ₹120

Winners ~

Here comes the Fifth Prize worth ₹250

Winners ~

Now we have the Fourth Prize worth ₹500

Winners ~

The Third Prize worth ₹2,000

Winners ~

Today’s Second Prize worth ₹7,000

Winners ~

Here’s the Consolation Prize worth ₹1,000

Winners ~

Finally, today’s First Prize Winning Personality worth ₹20.01 lacs

Winner ~

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Goa Rajshree Lottery 

  1.  “Goa Rajshree Pearl Lottery” – conducted every Monday, the first prize is ₹ 20.02 Lakhs.
  2. “Goa Rajshree Ruby Lottery” – conducted every Tuesday, the first prize is ₹ 20.03 Lakhs.
  3. “Goa Rajshree Silver Lottery” – conducted every Wednesday, the first prize is ₹ 20.04 Lakhs.
  4. “Goa Rajshree Neelam Lottery” – conducted every Thursday, the first prize is ₹ 20.05 Lakhs.
  5. “Goa Rajshree Gomad Lottery” – conducted every Friday, the first prize is ₹ 20.06 Lakhs.
  6. “Goa Rajshree Firoza Lottery” – conducted every Saturday, the first prize is ₹ 20 Lakhs.
  7. “Goa Rajshree Topaz Lottery” – conducted every Sunday, the first prize is ₹ 20.01 Lakhs.

Participants can also visit http://goastatelotteries.gov.in/welcome.htm to cross-check the results. The forms are available on the official page. The personal details must be filled in capital letters. The winners will have to fill all the details and submit the form within 30 days to claim their prize money. Stay connected with us for daily updates on Goa Rajshree Lottery of 2K19!

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Goa Lottery Result: Rajshree Oyster 8 PM Sambad Numbers Arrived 29th September 2019

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