Rajshree Dove Weekly Goa Lottery Toady’s Winners Result List Announced 8-8-2019

Hi People! Veronica from Feedtel is back to you to sprinkle happiness through the medium of announcing today’s Rajshree Dove Lottery result. My wishes are with you. A heartiest good luck to you all. I am just hoping for the best. Let me tell you one special thing about this lottery event, after the casino, it is considered to be the greatest cash flow of Goa. Thousands of people used to be a part of the lottery event every day in Goa. Not only Goa’s local population but also the visitors too. To be very frank, I guess there’s no harm in trying your own luck at least for once. You never know what the next moment might be brought up with.

Goa Rajshree Dove Lottery costs you a small amount of just Rs 100 and who knows the winner could even be you. This lottery system, along with being a fate transformation, also is helpful for the state government to collect the revenue from the locals, which ultimately been utilized for the enhancement of the state itself.

Feedtel is the one to reach out to for all the result and related queries. The sooner the state government declares the results, the sooner we upload it for you. Although we are here for you to provide you accurate results, still you can just go and cross-verify the results with the official Goa Lottery website. Actually, it keeps your life apart from the usual boring track by adding a bit of interest and a bit more curiosity.

Let me take you a step closer to the declaration of today’s Rajshree Dove Lottery. Yes Right! I will follow our Feedtel ritual to take you to our luckiest personality of today’s eve.

I am starting from the Sixth and the last Prize of worth Rs 120.

The Winners are:

Moving towards our Fifth Prize worth Rs 250.

The winners are:

Here comes today’s Fourth Prize worth Rs 500.

The Winners are:

The Third Prize worth Rs 2,000.

Winners are:

Here we have Second Prize worth Rs 7,000.

The Winners are:

Let’s take a move towards the Consolation Prize worth Rs 1,000.

The Winner is:

And, finally, it’s the moment for the First Prize worth Rs 26.06 lakhs.

Today’s luckiest personality of the eve is:

So, for today, this is it! Time for me to take your leave. We will be meeting again. Till then Stay Fit, Stay Cool! And, don’t forget to always be Connected with Feedtel.

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Rajshree Dove Weekly Goa Lottery Toady’s Winners Result List Announced 8-8-2019

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