Evaru Collection: Total Box Office Income Domestic & Overseas Audience Response

Evaru is definitely a decent movie and has got some really got good technical views but there has been a gap in the narration of the film, which created a compromise in creating a strong connect to the audience. Keeping all such issues aside, Evaru is gripping from the core and if you are one of those kinds of people who love to have surprises in the theatre, it is surely good to go for! Also, the film had several elements of suspense and thrill throughout the entire course. It will certainly not disappoint you anyway for it has a lot of twists and turns. Thus, Evaru is not at all something that you would be missing by any chance!

All these factors together have got their own set of contributions in the making of the film and eventually ensuring its success. Evaru, being a murder mystery and drama was released back on the Independence day, that is, on 15th of August 2019 and right on its opening day, we could see that it has managed to receive positive responses from the movie lovers.

Evaru USA Box Office Collections:

Here are the box office shares of the film according to the area distribution:

Ceeded: 0.61 Cr
Guntur: 0.38 Cr
UA: 0.75 Cr
Krishna: 0.45 Cr
West: 0.3 Cr
East: 0.42 Cr
Nellore: 0.15 Cr
Nizam: 2.32 Cr
Total including AP and TS: 5.38 Cr
Overseas: 1.17 Cr
Total (Worldwide): 7.15 Cr
Gross collection: 13.1 Cr

As per the minters, this is certainly a good figure and Evaru was successful in earning the sum. It was amazing to hear the success of the movie and we expect the industry to keep doing likewise so that it can receive applause in a similar way.

Evaru portrays the journey of the woman named Sameera in a really amazing way. The character is played by Regina Cassandra and she did so really well. She was alleged for murder for having killed her rapist. The film deals with the harsh reality wherein there seems to be corruption all around! As you progress through the movie, you will be able to unfold different surprises as well as sense the dark tale that appears to hide within!

For all those people who are still waiting for the moment when they would be able to unwrap the dose of thrill and suspense, I will rather tell them to have a visit and you are surely going to love it!

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Evaru Collection: Total Box Office Income Domestic & Overseas Audience Response

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