Doctor Strange 2 hot on its wheels: Shocking updates!

Unlike Doctor Strange, we do not know what the future holds! But what we do know is that Doctor Strange will be back for a sequel. With a worldwide gross of $677 million at the box office, the solo adventure of Doctor Strange has been one of a commendable success for the team.
What’s exciting is that Cumberbatch will renew his role as Dr. Stephen Strange in this new exciting sequel! Although we do not know much of the exact details, this is what we know so far!

When is the release?
With the script being written this year, the production will probably start in spring next year. With that being said, the Doctor Strange 2 release will happen earliest by May and latest by November in 2021.
Is there a trailer?
Sadly, we have not come across any of the trailers or the teasers. Even any first looks or the promotional pictures are not released as of yet.

What will be the plot?
Stephen Strange is yet to develop his character through the solo sequel for his very own movie Doctor Strange, unlike the other Marvels movie.
So this makes the superhero in the sequel with kind of lessened powers. No official plot has been confirmed so far. Nevertheless, it will be pretty obvious how the Doctor Strange 2 will go a lot deeper into the Doctor Strange world. This would probably include Mystic Arts, exhibitions of Strange’s powers and other character building among others.
If what we presume is true, Doctor Strange 2 will quite possibly be set around 5 years after The Snap which creates other set of consequences for Wong and Strange, like picking up the pieces of their old lives for one.

What is the cast?
Coming to the question of cast, Benedict Cumberbatch will obviously be playing the role of Doctor Strange. While Benedict Wong will be playing Wong, Chiwetel Ejiofor will play Mordo. The remaining supporting cast remains a mystery!
The only prudential thing that we could do at the moment is to just keep waiting till the official details are out!

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Doctor Strange 2 hot on its wheels: Shocking updates!

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