Dear Parrot Nagaland Evening Lottery 20-8- 2019: First Prize Worth 25 Lakh

Good Evening Naga People! The wait is over. Get ready for today’s results of Nagaland Dear Parrot lottery. Nagaland State Lottery Department organizes the Dear Parrot live lottery result session at 8 PM. A large volume of Naga people participates in the Nagaland lotteries. If uh want to know the Dear Parrot Lottery Results right away, right now then you can visit where the Nagaland State Government has already declared the results. There you will have a PDF file, you just need to download that PDF and you can have the results.

Let me tell you the steps to check the results

  1. Open this link “” to visit the official lottery website.
  2. A new window will appear. There you need to click on the Nagaland Lotteries.
  3. In just one click, the PDF will be downloaded.
  4. Open the PDF and check your results.

Let’s move towards more interesting facts about the Nagaland Dear Parrot Lottery. Nagaland lotteries are absolutely enforceable and officially administered by the Nagaland State Government.

On one side, these lotteries are helping the Nagaland population, in the meantime, it’s also a provenance for collecting revenue by the State Government. Out of the total money, some part of the money goes to the prize winner, and the remaining fund is been utilizing for the good cause, betterment of the state, to raise the state economy etc.

Let’s go to the results of 20th August Nagaland Dear Parrot Evening Lottery. I’ll be beginning from the last & the fifth prize and will go ahead with the consecutive prize winners.

The Fifth Prize worth ₹120

Winners ~

Here we’ve the Fourth Prize worth ₹250

Winners ~

The time for the Third Prize worth ₹500

Winners ~

Here’s the Second Prize worth ₹9,000

Winners ~

Today’s Consolation Prize worth ₹1,000

Winners ~

Finally, the First Prize worth ₹25.29 lacs

Luckiest Personality of the Eve ~

Nagaland lottery is considered to be the biggest cash flow of the state. Since Nagaland isn’t economically strong, this is the primary reason for the zillion of participation. Secondary, the lottery fund is supportive for improving the state economy. People who haven’t participated yet, just go and participate in the next lottery session. Who knows? if the next millionaire could be uh! Time for me to take your leave. Stay tuned with us for more updates.



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Dear Parrot Nagaland Evening Lottery 20-8- 2019: First Prize Worth 25 Lakh

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