Day Weekly LIVE Goa Rajshree Kaveri Lottery 4 PM Results Revealed 15-10-2019

Hi Peeps! Welcoming you back on FeedTel. So, we’re here again with today’s Goa Rajshree Kaveri Lottery Results of 15th October,2019. The Goa State Lottery Department conducts 3 lottery sessions a day. The first session which is the morning session takes place at 11:55 AM, the second one, the afternoon session held at 4 PM and the last one is the evening lottery session that is conducted daily at 8 PM. But there is an exception for Mondays. Yeah! There’s no evening lottery session on Mondays. That means there are only 2 lottery sessions to be scheduled for Mondays.

Today’s Goa Rajshree Kaveri lottery results will be publicized by the Goa Lottery Department at 4 PM exact on the Goa official lottery website @NICGOA. So, it really eases for the early birds who all can have immediate results on their screens. But it usually takes another half an hour for all the other web pages to update the results. That means the results will actually be available and aired out from 4:30 PM onwards.

Let me tell you there are overwhelming prize values for the prize winners. All the prize winners will get cash prize values if they are able to make it to any of the ones. The price for a single Goa Rajshree Kaveri Lottery is ₹6 only. The first prize winner will be getting a huge prize value of ₹26.03 lakhs. It comes to the second prize value which is ₹7,000. The third and fourth prize winners will be winning ₹2,000 and ₹500 respectively. The last two prize values i.e. the fifth prize is ₹250 and the sixth one is ₹120.

First Prize Winners worth ₹26.03 Lakhs

Second Prize Winners worth ₹7,000

Third Prize Winners worth ₹2,000

Fourth Prize Winners worth ₹500

Fifth Prize Winners worth ₹250

Sixth Prize Winners worth ₹120

Consolation Prize Winners worth ₹1,000

All this entire lottery strategy is controlled and managed by the Goa State Government. Goa is one of those 13 state lotteries which can host the lottery system. Years ago, the Supreme Court has banned the lottery system across the entire nation except for 13 states. And, today Goa lottery fund is considered to be the biggest cash flow of the state.

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Day Weekly LIVE Goa Rajshree Kaveri Lottery 4 PM Results Revealed 15-10-2019

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