Dark Avengers could feature in MCU, as two projects are still not confirmed in Disney’s official plan.

Avengers Endgame was released all over the world recently and everybody around went through the mixture of emotions. Yeah it was truly epic but for the same time it concluded the great storylind. Now the only question arises; What will be the future?

Fans around the world are on the hunt of knowing what MCU will bring next? In latest movie plan for coming years, Disney released the official project dates. There are potential eight movies happening under the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Six of them are confirmed and two are yet to be confirmed. So we can assume “Dark Avengers” could happen.

Dark Avengers appeared in Marvel Comics in 2009 in the issue first of same name. Dark Avengers are the group of super villains disguised themselves as our beloved superheroes.  The current members include Captain Marvel (disguised by Moonstone), Scarlet Witch( Toxie Doxie) and Thor (Ragnarok).

In the repercussion of “Secret Invasion,” Norman Osborn, who restored friendliness with the civic by assassinating the Skrull queen, became the organizer of S.H.I.E.L.D., reformed it into H.A.M.M.E.R. and bent a new Avengers party on behalf of the U.S. government.

But as the forename implies, here were a number of dire seeds built-in in the Dark Avengers. All along with Osborn got up in redesigned Iron Man armour and claimed himself as Iron Patriot, the team’s listings includes Mac Gargan, a.k.a. Scorpion, disguised as Spider-Man and enhanced by the malevolence symbiote called Venom; Karla Sofen, a.k.a. Moonstone, disguised as Ms. Marvel; Bullseye disguised as Hawkeye; Daken disguised as Wolverine, the Noh-Varr control Marvel, Ares (yes, the Greek spirit of war Ares) and The Sentry.

The Dark Avengers went on many missions and, needless to say, were a lot sketchier than the customary Avengers teams, but the lineup in the long run collapsed during the “Siege” event, even if Osborn shortly fashioned a new iteration with all-new recruits.

Providing the center stage for villains was done before by DC in Suicide Squad and by Sony in Venom. Lets hope we could see new taste in Cinematic experience of Marvel Studios.

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Dark Avengers could feature in MCU, as two projects are still not confirmed in Disney’s official plan.

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