Dance Deewane/Diwane 2 Today’s Episode 22-9-2019 Check Out How To Vote Online

Welcoming you again on FeedTel. Today, we have been up here to share with you about something that your eyes might have been longing to watch for a really long time. Yeah, you heard it right! That was all about dance India dance and on the latest episode of this show, we could see two immortal graces sharing the same stage.

I personally love this show and when Madhuri Dixit is there, it is always a token of sweet roses and no matter how busy and hectic my day goes, I still manage to come down before the TV and watch the show without any failure. Well, in case you haven’t watched it out by any chance, do watch it now on Voot.

dance diwane 2

In the last episode, we could see that Madhuri Dixit Nene and Juhi Chawla danced together on the same stage, thus, living both the audience as well as the participants in awe. Thus, it was an outstanding performance right at the beginning and that is how they had set the benchmark of the semi finale. Next, one after another, it was supposed to be the bang on from the contestants who too, did really well.

Yeah, if you have missed watching out the two immortal graces dancing together, you have certainly missed out something. But, never mind, we are here to update you about the same! The two divas brought the excitement of the show to the next level altogether. They were both dressed in green and it is needless to mention that they set the stage on fire.

Last but not least, the semi-finals began and throughout the last week, we could see the contestants competing against each other to be the “best of the best”.

The 1st performance for the day began with Sneha and Soumya from generation three who began the episode by dancing on a nostalgic song from the 80s. To get more such updates, be with us on FeedTel and we would love to keep you updated.

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Dance Deewane/Diwane 2 Today’s Episode 22-9-2019 Check Out How To Vote Online

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