Dance Deewane 2: 14-9-2019 Episode Check Toady’s Guest Appearance Saturday

It is one of the most popular TV reality shows that give an opportunity to people up to 3 consecutive generations so that they can dance their hearts out! This reality show, the one that is hosted by Arjun Bijlani and judged by Madhuri Dixit, and two more, gives an amazing thrill to the viewers particularly the ones who love to dance and watch them out as well! The reality show witnessed an awfully special moment where Madhuri Dixit came upon the same stage with Sunny Deol and they danced on a song, named as “Mujhe Aisa lagta hai” from the film, Tridev.

dance deewane 2

The couple danced really well and it was indeed a sight worth watching! Well, on completion of their dance, Arjun asked Sunny that what was the reason for which he felt shy throughout the performance. On questioning, he asked that he himself was unaware of the reason, it happened to him automatically and probably, the reason behind it was this stunning diva, Madhuri Dixit.

dance deewane 2 episode

Sharing the judge panel with Shashank Khaitan and Tushar Kalia, Madhuri seemed to be really glad and excited to judge the show. Certainly, this is not the very first time that Madhuri has been in the judging panel for any reality show, but rather she has done it before as well.

Last but not the least, throughout the performance and post that on Arjun’s questioning to Sunny, it appeared as if Madhuri has been reliving those moments wherein we see that Madhuri reverted back in a way saying that earlier in her shoot days, even when she was shooting opposite to Sunny for the very first time, he has been absolutely the same! Back in those days too, he used to look down and feel shy in the same way as he has been reacting this time. Hope you have enjoyed reading! Look back to FeedTel to know more about such updates!

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Dance Deewane 2: 14-9-2019 Episode Check Toady’s Guest Appearance Saturday

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