Crawl Movie Critics & Review (2019): Total Box Office Collection Report

Those among you interested in watching a disaster/horror film this weekend should definitely look forward to Crawl (2019). The movie has just hit the theatres and today we bring you a detailed report of the movie including details on Crawl (2019) review, Crawl (2019) box office collection and prediction report, and Crawl (2019) cast.

Crawl (2019) Cast

  1. Kaya Scodelario.
  2. Barry Pepper.
  3. Ross Anderson.
  4. Anson Boon.
  5. Jose Palma.
  6. George Somner.
  7. Ami Metcalf.
  8. Morfydd Clark.
  9. Annamaria Serda.
  10. Savannah Steyn.

Alexandre Aja is the director of Crawl and the movie is produced by Craig J. Flores, Alexandre Aja, and Sam Raimi. The movie is written by Shawn Rasmussen and Michael Rasmussen. The movie was released on 12th July 2019.

Crawl (2019) Review

The movie begins with Haley Keller, an aspiring swimmer from the University of Florida receiving a phone call from her sister who tells that a hurricane rated within the Category 5 in the spectrum is headed towards Florida.

Her sister, Beth, recommends her that she immediately move out of the state in order to escape from the hurricane. When told about the hurricane and its danger, Haley becomes very much concerned about Dave, who is her father.

As she isn’t able to get in contact with her dad, Haley goes to find and check out on her dad.

The movie then takes Haley and her dad through the dangers of a natural disaster such as a hurricane and that’s not it. She, her dad, and their dog Sugar, then have to go through various dangers and challenges posed by an alligator.

The movie then proceeds through the tension encountered by the three, up until the hurricane clears, the alligator threat is removed, and they are rescued.

All in all, the movie offers a great ride for people interested in an edge-of-the-seat movie with tense-filled experiences.

Crawl (2019) Box Office Collection and Prediction

The movie was made with a budget of $13.5 million and has gained $65 million from the worldwide box office as per the recent reports. The collection gained by the movie easily labels the movie as a huge success and a super-hit effort for the entire cast and crew of the movie.

Much of its box office success has to do with the positive reviews and critics response that the movie got post-release. Performance of all the actors in the movie was widely appreciated by both moviegoers and critics alike, and most of them labeled the movie as a very fun and satisfying movie to watch, despite the movie belonging to the horror and disaster genre.

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Crawl Movie Critics & Review (2019): Total Box Office Collection Report

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