Comali: Total Box Office Collection Review Ratings Hit Or Flop

Comali 2019, a film that is released recently is naturally leaving its impression upon the people around and the audience, consequently seem to have their own opinions regarding the same! As per the viewers, there have been several feedbacks out of which we took out the extract wherein it is said that the movie has got an engaging first half but there was a bit of distraction as the storyline follows. This is certainly because the audience felt it like that the latter half of the movie seems to have melodramatic scenes which upheld more of an exaggeration than it was actually required!

In brief, I would say that Comali owns an uncliched story which further emphasizes on the efforts that we can put in to make our world better as well as pour emphasis on our feelings and emotions to extract the best out of the same! Comali Movie cast: Jayam Ravi, Kajal Aggarwal, Samyuktha Hegde
Comali Movie director: Pradeep Ranganathan

This film is showing signs of becoming a super hit in the first view days in the Kollywood industry in its home territory itself. Also, it has been receiving some positive feedback from the critics over time. All in all, we are expecting more success from the movie. Since we could see no big release recently, the film would probably do well than what it is expected from it.
As per the trade reports, Comali has successfully managed to earn a collection of Rs 19 crore. This is what it has received in its four day first weekend. It would be surprising as well as inspiring to know that the first has got a gross income of Rs. 5.39 crore on its very first arrival and with good reviews from the audience, it is gaining more and more viewers.
Comali seems to make Rs 1.7 crore in Chennai. Overall, this film has set a remarkable benchmark for itself in the box office and having done so, it has raised our hope. It is one of the ideals to go for a movie as such if you love mystery and suspense. Comali is good enough to offer your required dose of entertainment. Having said so, people who are still waiting for the movie, you can definitely go for a trial of this film and would certainly not disappoint you by any chance!

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Comali: Total Box Office Collection Review Ratings Hit Or Flop

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