Check Station 19 Season 4 Release Date Story Plot & Star Cast Updates

Recently the third season for Station 19 has and people are already getting excited about the next one. The third season of the season ended in a very exciting mode, the bomb explosion has caused a lot of trouble for the crew members.

In the Finale episode, the protestors have placed bombs throughout the hospital. The name of the finale episode is “Loder Than a Bomb”. The placing of the bomb and the explosion has led to a huge drama and a big incident to deal with.

The episode is very overwhelming and it has taken turns for Andy Herrera(Jaina Lee Ortiz). The final episode has brought a big revelation for her. She has finally learned that her mother Elena is not dead and is still alive actually. Also, her relationship with her husband Robert was put to strain as she failed to be by his side after his surgery.


In a conversation with the Deadline, the showrunner of Station 19, Krista Vernoff talked about the fourth season of the show and it is expected that it may have a lot of surprises for the audience.  The sow is a spin-off from medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. The show is aired on ABC Drama.

Krista also added: “I feel like there is a huge amount to explore in Season 4 because of where we left off season 3.” Talking about the relationship between Andy and Maya, they just figured out who their parents were and what their childhood was. This gives them a chance to either reconnect in the friendship.

Also, it will be exciting to see if Maya takes the opportunity and discovers who shes is going to be romantically involved with. The personality of Jack in the show will be a treat to watch of course. New turns and twists are waiting for Dean and Vic’s friendship as well.

It seems like the writer will be busy writing some interesting scripts for the following characters for the next few months. Hoping a great comeback of the series with season 4.

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Check Station 19 Season 4 Release Date Story Plot & Star Cast Updates

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