Check Kerala Lottery Result: Pournami RN 404 Lottery Announced At 4:00 PM First Prize 80 Lakh!

Hi Keralites! I wish you All the Very Best for today’s results of Kerala Pournami RN-404 Lottery. We’re just a few moments away from the results. Finally, the wait is almost over and we’re here. Hold your hearts and be prepared for Sunday Lottery Results.

The Kerala State Lottery Department will reveal the results at 4 PM on the official lottery website @ and by 4:30 PM all the results will be updated. The other websites would surely be flooded with 25th August Kerala Pournami Sunday Lottery Results. You can cross-check the results at this official website. Or you either can download the PDF to check the results.

A large number of Kerala people participate in the lottery system. The lottery department then airs the prize winners from that bulk. The first prize winner will be awarded ₹80 lacs. The second and third prize winners get a cash prize value of ₹5 lacs & ₹1 lac respectively while the fourth and fifth prize winners acquire ₹5,000 & ₹2,000 respectively. Along with all these prizes, there’s also a consolation prize of ₹8,000.

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Kerala Pournami RN-404 Lottery Results 25th August 2K19

Let me take you to the results of Sunday Kerala Pournami Lottery of 25th August 2K19. Let’s begin with the last prize winners.

The Seventh Prize value worth ₹500


Here we go, the Sixth Prize worth ₹1,000

Winners ~

The Fifth Prize worth ₹2,000

Winners ~

Here comes the Fourth Prize worth ₹5,000

Winners ~

Now we’ve the Third Prize worth ₹2 lac

Winners ~

Today’s Second Prize worth ₹5 lacs

Winner ~

Here’s the Consolation Prize worth ₹8,000

Winners ~

Finally, time for the First Prize worth ₹70 lacs

The Luckiest Personality is ~

kerala lottery


Kerala lottery is the only lottery with this large amount of prize values. There is a total of 7 lotteries which are organized by the Kerala State Government and Lottery Department i.e. Pournami, Win-Win, Sthree Sakthi, Akshay, Karunya Plus, Nirmal, and Karunya. So, this is it for the day. We’ll be back to you with other winning personalities of the next lottery session. Stay Connected with us for more updates of Kerala Lotteries.

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Check Kerala Lottery Result: Pournami RN 404 Lottery Announced At 4:00 PM First Prize 80 Lakh!

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