CAY vs USA Score Dream 11 Match Prediction Cayman Island vs USA Live Score, Match Schedule, Preview & Top Picks

Hello folks! This is going to be a really interesting match that is sure to go your spine stand still! Whatsoever, we are receiving a huge sense of curiosity from the audience regarding the match so far and thus, it gives us a prediction about the amount of expectation that both the teams have got to counter! Apart from that, we are looking forward to make the best use of the time and help you with the squad and match details herein!

Match Details:

It is supposed to be the 9th match in the series of the ICC Men,s World Cup Americas Region Final for the year 2019. The match is going to be conducted between the Cayman Islands and the United States of America. The scheduled time is 11 AM local time or that is 7.30 PM IST. The match is going to be held at the White Hill Field in Sandys Parish in Hamilton.

Match preview:

The United States of America lost against Bermuda twice in two of the matches which means that the former has already got a deficit of being on board or get qualified in the next year’s T20 World Cup. On the contrary, Bermuda is expected to join Canada in the upcoming T20 World Cup.

On the other end, we have got the Cayman who was being considered to be the weakest of the teams. Yet, there had been times when the Cayman brought a token of surprise for the audience. Also, according to the last match that it has played where it dismissed the opposition Canada team with its bowling potential, we can now say that it can do something out of the box this time as well.

Top Picks:

Among the top picks, we can take Timil Patel, Jaskaran Malhotra, Hayden Walsh Jr, Steven TAYLOR, Luke Harington Myers, Troy Taylor, Gregory Strydom, Karima Gore and Trimoy Allen. With the teams having some really worthy contenders, this is going to be a strong set back and we hope the intensity of the match remains as such throughout!

FeedTel has nothing to say other than wishing them all the best! Other than that, we expect that if Cayman has got to bat at first, we would probably not see anything over 100 or there could be a twist too, depending on how they take through the spirit. The USA, however, is expected to score something really decent!

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CAY vs USA Score Dream 11 Match Prediction Cayman Island vs USA Live Score, Match Schedule, Preview & Top Picks

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