Bigg Boss 3 Telugu: 17-9-2019 Episode Nominated Contestants Have Convince Fellow Housemate Sacrifice

In the latest Big Boss 3 Telugu news, will Varun help Himaja to get saved from the nomination? In case you have watched the promo content of the latest episode of Big Boss Telugu, then you might be thinking about whether Varun is going to help Himaja in staying safe from the nomination or whether she will have to face the elimination round this week.

To get a better understanding, let us analyze the promo content in detail. Like Sreemukhi, Himaja lifted the phone call as soon as the telephone started ringing in the boot. While answering the phone call, she might have been told to keep Varun inside the bathtub to prevent herself from reaching the elimination round via nomination.

Obeying Himaja, Varun accepted the task and sat in the bucket that was available. In the next scene, Vithika can be seen as having an emotional breakdown for Varun. After this, we can also see Himaja requesting Varun so as to get out of the bathtub, to which Varun insists that he chooses to remain in the bathtub.

bigg boss 3 telugu

After getting disappointed and frustrated on this event, Himaja goes by herself to the phonebooth and speaks out that she is ready to give her own name for the nomination round. However, what confuses audience the most is the emotional breakdown event experienced by Vithika. It is not possible to understand whether the reason for the emotional experience was Varun performing the task or if there was any other reason behind it.

What we all can predict correctly is that normally, Big Boss promo content exaggerates the actual content of the episode. Which means that when the actual episode gets released, we may find out that the promo content was just building up the hype of audience of the episode and that few things that we anticipated out of the promo were just mere assumptions.

Anyway, it’s not a long time until we can watch the actual episode on the television and on online platforms like Hotstar. Lots of people are expected to tune into the latest upcoming Big Boss Telugu episode as it is indeed one of the most-watched Telugu reality television show currently.

Moreover, as the latest episode will feature content leading to the nomination event which will ultimately bring out the elimination and the contestants who will be featured in the upcoming Big Boss Telugu elimination episode, the next episode will definitely be a dramatic one and a treat to watch.

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Bigg Boss 3 Telugu: 17-9-2019 Episode Nominated Contestants Have Convince Fellow Housemate Sacrifice

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