Bepanah Pyaar 11-9-2019 Written Episode Current News & Spoilers Pragati Falls In Water

Bepannah Pyar is by far one of my favourite daily soaps. I, personally do not leave even a single episode of this serial and I guess, it’s one of your favourites as well. However, by any chance, if you had to skip the last episode of Bepannah pyar and want to keep a track of what happened last, you are here at the right place for we at FeedTel are here to inform you about the latest happenings in the daily soaps.

The last episode of the serial started with everyone on the screen having Ganpati Bappa Prasad and we could see that Tina informs the members regarding the missing of Harshit. On the other end, we see Harshit entering right then with a baby in the cradle. Definitely, it was an attempt to ensure that Tina becomes happy and the latter reveals in front of the family that the gynaec has informed about their inability to become parents for which they had to decide about adopting a baby.

Bepanah Pyaar Today's Episode

Pragati feels sorry for having a doubt on Harshit and considering him to be a helping hand of Raghbir. However, amidst all the smiles and happiness that flashed on the faces of the people of the family, there was a wicked appearance on Harshit’s face and that was probably the evidence of the fact that it was he who was responsible for hiding all the proofs that Pragati had managed to put forward! The suspect is still not identified and since it was the only black jacket that came up in the camera, it was really tough on their part to conclude things.

Bepanah Pyaar

Besides, on talking with Raghbir, Pragati comes to know how Raghbir had started believing in God only because of Bani and the way Bani’s death has interrupted his life. Well, lastly we could also see that Pragati goes to MIL room to find the ring while everyone was busy dancing at the time of Visarjan. However, Pragati found that the ring has been missing from the locker.

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Bepanah Pyaar 11-9-2019 Written Episode Current News & Spoilers Pragati Falls In Water

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