Ayodhya Verdict Live Update: Finally Supreme Court Has Announced Its Decision In Ram Mandir Favor

The Ayodhya case has given politicians one more issue to start disputes among religions. If we see in the past political parties are always responsible for this type of issue that comes in India. The dispute came in 1885, the year when the case was registered in the Supreme Court. That place is the birthplace of SHRI RAM. So, why to place Babri Masjid?

This dispute has started 30 years ago. The fights were seen in the courts and on the streets too. When the Standoff was frequently escalated in 1992, it led to the demolition of the Mosque. There are 50 parties include in this case and the Allahabad High Court divided the land into 3 parts out of which 2 parts for the Hindus and 1 part for Muslims. Nirmohi Akhara and Ram Lalla want all temple rights & management without any interference from the Government in the Temple. While the Sunni Waqf Board wants the Mosque restored and rights to manage.

ayodhya court case

It was expected on November 17, 2019, there are chances that the case would get resolved. The case is revolving around the 2.77 acres of land in Ayodhya and the issue is in debate since the 80s. Earlier, it wasn’t even believed that there is something like that. But, when civil engineers dug that place, what they found was unbelievable. Well! Yeah, they got something imprinted on those Mosque Walls in  Dev Lipi language. Since then, it is been believed that the place belongs to Lord Rama and instead of any Mosque there should only be Lord Ram Temple. For now, the land is owned by the Central Government up till the Supreme Court will not decide who has the right over the land.

In 1992, it has been claimed that a mosque was built on a temple and that’s the birthplace of Lord Ram. Many riots took place at that time also and around 3000 people were killed. This issue is being sprung in court for many decades. A few times earlier, the Supreme Court hired a team to resolve this issue using a method named Mediation. But this also got failed and since August 6 there are daily hearings related to the matter. 17th November, 2019 got finalized for the decision but some internal decisions postponed the hearing date to 9th November, 2019. The judges were even confused either it will be concluded this time or not? So, the hearing timings were also been extended for an hour. Also, Ram Mandir had become more of a political issue than just a normal issue.

And, finally today i.e. on 9th November, 2019, here’s the great judgment from the Supreme Court and the case has come to a resolution. Congratulations to every Indian for Ram Mandir and Masjid as 50 acres another land has been issued for the Masjid too. It doesn’t matter which place, the best part is everyone is getting more than expected. Make peace and join hands to construct both structures. BE UNITED!


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Ayodhya Verdict Live Update: Finally Supreme Court Has Announced Its Decision In Ram Mandir Favor

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