Arunachal Pradesh: Singam Cliff Noon Lottery Results To Be OUT 3 PM 17-10-2019

A Very Good After Noon Aspirants! Here we provide you results of Singam Cliff Noon. Arunachal Pradesh is one of the Distinctive states to host legal lotteries. The Arunachal Lotto Department starts their Singam Cliff Noon session by 3:00 PM but the complete results will be on your screen on this page sharp at 3:20 PM. So, you can put a bookmark to visit again. Interested candidates can also visit YouTube for LIVE Streaming.

Zillions of peeps partake in Singam Lotto just to win the jackpot prize, but one day only one millionaire and for those partakers, Arunachal Pradesh Lotto Department brings out five lucky prizes along with a consolation prize worth ₹9500, Andhra Pradesh is the only state that offers the highest consolation prize.

The Lottery ticket cost you only ₹6. Yeah! only investing a ₹6 note, you might win jackpot prize whose worth ₹26 lacs. So, why not test your luck might be your tressure is hide in these lotteries.


Let me take you a step closer to the results of the Singam Cliff Noon Lottery, 17 October 2019. Make it more exciting by announcing results from the last prize and take it up to the first one.

Here comes the Fifth Prize worth ₹120

Now, we have the Fourth Prize worth ₹250

The First Runner Up worth ₹9000

Here’s the Consolation Prize worth ₹9500

Finally, the First Prize winner worth ₹26.03 lacs

After checking the results here, also visit Arunachal Pradesh official lottery portal to cross-check the results and also thereof fill a form of personal details along with winning ticket serial number. The prize winners are requested to claim their reward within 20 days and also keep your Lottery tickets in good conditions, mutilated tickets will not be accepted. So, it’s in your hand whether you want the prize money or not. This was all for the Singam Cliff Noon Lottery. Be with us for daily updates on the Arunachal Pradesh Lottery of 2K19!


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Arunachal Pradesh: Singam Cliff Noon Lottery Results To Be OUT 3 PM 17-10-2019

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