ARG vs JPN Match LIVE Score Argentina vs Japan FIVB Volleyball World Cup 2019

Hello peeps! Here today we have the 30th match of FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Cup 2019. The match will be fought between Argentina Men vs Japan Men at Fukuoka, Japan. The ARG vs JPN will indeed be a mindblowing match to watch. If you’re expecting something happening today, then don’t miss this match at any cost, you will not be disappointed anyway.

Match Details:

DATE: 6 October 2019
KICK-OFF TIME: 3:50 PM (according to Indian Standard Time)

Have a look over JPN vs ARG TEAM SQUADs

ARGENTINA MEN: Matias Sanchez, Nicolas Zerba, Jan Martinez Franchi, Luciano Palonsky, Santiago Arroyo, Manuel Balague, Matias Giraudo, Agustin Loser, Santiago Danani, Nicolás Lazo, Gaston Fernandez, Bruno Lima, Ezequiel Palacios, Luciano Vicentin, Luciano De Cecco, Facundo Conte, Federico Pereyra, Martin Ramos c, Pablo Crer, Gaspar Bitar, Facundo Imhoff, Cristian Poglajen, Joaquin Gallego, German Johansen, Michele Verasio.

JAPAN MEN: Kunihiro Shimizu, Hideomi Fukatsu, Naonobu Fujii, Issei Otake, Tatsuya Fukuzawa, Akihiro Yamauchi, Takashi Dekita, Masahiro Yanagida c, Satoshi Tsuiki, Taichiro Koga, Yuji Nishida, Masahiro Sekita, Naoya Takano, Yuki Ishikawa, Haku Ri, Kentaro Takahashi, Tsubasa Hisahara, Masashi Kuriyama, Hiroaki Asano, Taishi Onodera, Akihiro Fukatsu, Tomohiro Yamamoto, Yuki Higuchi, Yamato Fushimi, Yudai Arai.


Overall both the teams have the same performance across the league till now. So, we can say the match will be going to excite you all and the audience will see neck-to-neck fight. Talking about the teams Argentina is on the seventh rank on the points table with six points while Japan is on the sixth rank with the same points.

Argentina has played a total of 4 Volley games and out of those 4 games, they able to make 2 wins with 2 loses. The same scenario is with Japan too. The opponent team has also played 4 matches, out of which 2 wins and 2 lose. Argentina has lost the last game played against Italy but there is a hope for them to win against Japan. They have changed their playing strategy and Matias would be in today’s playing list.

Meanwhile, JPN has won their last game against Tunisia. The team in the opening looks so motivated but they were not able to carry the same momentum in the next fixture and get a defeat by Poland. They are not focusing on the players with a form. It’s about winning not a practice match that you shuffle players in every match. Libero’s position is not stable in the team, how could they suppose to win the game by this kind of strategy.

From FeedTel expert advice today’s winning team will be Argentina, Cheers for them!

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ARG vs JPN Match LIVE Score Argentina vs Japan FIVB Volleyball World Cup 2019

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