Antwerp vs Az Alkmaar Live Streaming Score Details Team Squad Match Prediction Preview

Winning odds is certainly an aspiring deal for any bettor out here and for all those people who are looking forward to knowing more about the Antwerp vs Az Alkmaar match before they can actually hover over to the idea of betting on a team in the gameplay. It is deliberately important on your part to be aware about the match info and so, we at FeedTel has come up with the basic info so as to keep you updated about the same.

Both the teams, Antwerp vs Az Alkmaar will be having a tight face off and both the teams are being expected to do equally well. Here, we are expecting the teams to bring out some real surprises and we are pretty sure about the ability of the teams. Coming to the match details, we would like to draw your attention regarding the same so that you do not feel holding the curiosity within yourself for a longer span of time without any reason.

Match details:

Start date: 29. Aug 2019, 17:30
Referee: Tasos Sidiropoulos, Greece
Avg. cards: 4.50 0.25
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Venue Stade Roi Baudouin

That was all about the match details, however, if you are one of them who won’t be able to make out to the venue, you can always watch it on the YouTube or on Daily Motion. However, we are no way responsible regarding the legal prospects of the video contents available out there!

Antwerp vs Az Alkmaar Live Match

Winning odds:

The Royal Antwerp FC has got a winning odd of 2.30 and thus, they get an expected chance of 43% of winning the game. However, they actually are capable of winning about 49% of the matches with such odds. On the contrary, we are having the AZ Alkmaar who are having the winning odds of 3.10 and that gives them an expected chance of 32% for winning the game. Well, it has been found out that the team actually wins 37% with such winning odds.
Wishing all the best to both the teams. Hope both the teams played equally well and the deserving one can only go through the Europa League.

This match is going to be a real inspiration for you all and for all those game lovers, I am very certain about the fact that you are going to love it. Cheers!

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Antwerp vs Az Alkmaar Live Streaming Score Details Team Squad Match Prediction Preview

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