Ace of Space 2: Today’s Episode 7-9-2019 Written Update Baseer & Lucinda News

Well, how many of you have been a die hard fan of Ace of Space season 1? I have been one of the viewers who have not missed even a single episode. Now, with the season 2 coming up, I have been quite excited and I would be loving to see more of it! Ace of Space season 2 is up here and that we have already witnessed the 1st season of the show that was no less than an incredible love story with Varun Sood and Divya Agarwal, we hope to see that same old magic getting even more intensified this season.

We are yet to see more couple goals coming up from this season. From the very first week of this season, we had seen the growing intimacy of Baseer Ali with the Australian beauty, Lucinda Nicholas. Definitely, it seemed as if the audiences were loving this couple together and wanted to see more of them.

Lastly, we have seen that during the last on screen session, we had loved the way Baseer had revealed his feelings before Lucinda and it is going to be a real thrill to watch them together. It is not just that Lucinda had accepted the proposal but at the same time, it has been worth a watch to see the way the situation was addressed followed by a lip lock.

Certainly, it will be a great show to see that whether the couple is able to stand all the obstacles with the growing time! This is because a lot of love stories fail to withstand all the fears and hardships that come along!

Yesterday’s episode revealed how we see the mastermind, Vikas Gupta who would be trapping Akshay Kakkar to make a really difficult decision. We can expect that the episodes for this week will be full of twists and turns. This is going to be a real thrill to watch! Keep watching and enjoying! Let’s see how the love birds grow!

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Ace of Space 2: Today’s Episode 7-9-2019 Written Update Baseer & Lucinda News

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