A Million Little Pieces Collection Review & Ratings Box Office Income Report

A Million Little Pieces is a movie based on a book of the same title written by James Frey. The book, which began selling initially as a memoir, later was sold as a semi-fictional novel, because it was later discovered that many of the events that were mentioned in the book did not occur in the real life. The movie adaptation of the book is directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and himself plays the title character in the film. The movie was initially released at the Toronto International Film Festival on December 10, 2018, and is set to hit the theatres within the United States on December 6, 2019.

The A Million Little Pieces movie (and the book as well) revolves around the life of James Frey (who is also the author of the book), a 23-year-old drug addict and alcoholic, who is sent to a rehabilitation centre. The story progresses through the situations that he has to undergo when in the rehabilitation centre and has details about the treatment process he has to go through which is a 12-step process.

A Million Little Pieces Movie Cast

Apart from Sam Taylor-Johnson, who plays the central character in this movie, there are several other prominent American actors in this movie. Below is a detailed list of the entire main cast of A Million Little Pieces movie.

  1. Aaron Taylor-Johnson.
  2. Charlie Hunnam.
  3. Juliette Lewis.
  4. Billy Bob Thornton.
  5. David Dastmalchian.
  6. Giovanni Ribisi.
  7. Odessa Young.
  8. Andy Buckley.
  9. Dash Mihok.
  10. Charles Parnell.
  11. Dash Mihok.
  12. Deep Rai.
  13. Eugene Byrd.
  14. Tom Amandes.

The music of A Million Little Pieces movie is done by Atticus Ross, the cinematography is done by Jeff Cronenweth, and editing is done by Martin Pensa.

A Million Little Pieces Review

The movie begins with the main character, who is addicted to drugs, losing himself and getting beaten severely. When he regains himself, he is very much bruised, beaten, and in bad shape. He is then put in a plane to a rehabilitation centre. Just as the book, the movie also then takes the audience through the steps he had to undergo to quit his addiction.

A Million Little Pieces Box Office

This movie is a small-budget movie that does not have any of the major bells and whistles that come with the big-budget movies. The main selling point of A Million Little Pieces is indeed its storyline which somewhat honestly indicates the sufferings that the title character had to undergo in order to be sober again. A lot of family audience and people who love drama and sentimental movies will definitely be attracted to the movie. So, A Million Little Pieces is definitely going to be a moderate success in the box office.

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A Million Little Pieces Collection Review & Ratings Box Office Income Report

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