5 Facts About Andar Bahar Game That You May Not Know

Andar Bahar is an Indian origin game of cards, based on probabilities of halves. It originated in South India, around Bangalore but soon spread like wildfire throughout the nation and much like Hollywood has now reserved its place even online. In fact, you can also play andar bahar live casino if you like! The simple set up makes the game very popular in India, where makeshift roadside casinos, or even temporary ones in train compartments, permit the game to be played, without the need for elaborate infrastructure to be set up or invested in. Moreover, it also makes designing software for the game to be played online rather easy, which makes it easy to translate this into the world of online gambling.

The theme concerning the issue of Andar Bahar extends beyond this type of gambling in particular and borders on online gambling as a whole. A whole host of legal issues prevent offline gambling from ever taking shape in India, which necessarily restricts them to costly offshore casinos in private yachts, accessible only to the rich. Thus, Indian gambling laws favour privilege in ways it should not. But considering that’s a truth, the only other viable option for the average gambler is online gambling.

With exciting games Like Andar Bahar transcending boundaries to be present online, there is no reason to fret. Not only is online gambling legal, in a lot of ways it is safer, more private and convenient to those that don’t want to risk being judged for gambling or want to gamble in human presence. With that out of our way, we can delve into Andar Bahar itself.

andar bahar game

1)   Rules governing the game:

Andar Bahar uses a single deck of cards, where the probability of winning is 50%.

There are two slots for cards, one of the player’s left and the other on the right. The former is called‘Andar’ the latter, ‘Bahar’. A card is drawn out by the dealer and shown to the player, following which, the player bets on whether a card of a similar value will appear on either the Andar or the Bahar side. The dealer then starts placing cards, one on each side consecutively, till a card of the similar value falls on either side. The side on which the card lands, determines the outcome of the game. If it falls on the side the player chose, he not only wins but ends up earning twice as much as he bet, while it if lands on the other side, he loses. If the first card drawn is from a black suit, the drawings of cards have to necessarily begin from Andar. If it starts with the red suit, then the dealing starts from Bahar.

2)   How does one win?

When a card of similar value is placed on the table, if it appears on the side that the card that was first drawn was dealt, the pay-out amounts to a 90% increase over and above the original value. However, if it appears on the other side, the pay-out amounts to a 100% increase from the original value.

3)   What are the pay-outs like?

Thus, if the initial bet was Rs 100, assuming the card falls on the same side as the original card, the pay-out is Rs 190, and for the opposite side, it is Rs 200.

4)   Live Andar Bahar

If you’re someone who seeks human interaction in their game sessions, and the thought of interacting with the dealer and your competitors in real time excites you, the live version is what you should be heading to. Live Andar Bahar mimics real world gambling in a lot of ways. A live stream in high definition goes on, where an actual human dealer receives bets, and plays your turns, and as they do, wins and losses are viewed through your screen, all live. While it does have its fair share of excitement, note how a decent internet connection rid of latency or lag is important for a seamless Andar Bahar experience in its live format.

5)   Virtual Andar Bahar:

Virtual Andar Bahar is the online casino version of the game that banks on software and AI to handle bets and process winnings. While those who love the thrill and joy of gambling with real humans and dealers face to face may detest this version of the game, it is a joy for the introvert novice punter who wants to try his hand at gambling but is unable to find the courage to do it in the real world. Softwares have other benefits too. Not only does it prevent cheating and other malpractices, by eliminating the need for a dealer, it also ensures and smoother, faster and an error free gambling experience.

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5 Facts About Andar Bahar Game That You May Not Know

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